Case study


The task of creating a large volume of engaging animations about specific principles of law on a very tight turnaround.

Tools used:

The client

Stephenson Law is a “Next- generation law firm” that focuses on helping young, ambitious businesses on day-to-day matters. Flamenco is their new sister company aimed at providing straightforward legal support for startups.

The brief

To visualise a different subsection of law in each video as per a set of scripts written in conjunction with lawyers ahead of time. This involved working closely with Stephenson Law’s in-house illustrator in bringing his illustrations to life as well as creating accompanying motion graphics from scratch that fit within their design guidelines.


In keeping with the existing style of the company’s visual comms, the graphics created were a flat 2D animation style using their colour palette.

“Chris helped us with the editing of over 25 videos and we were blown away by the quality of his work and understanding of what we needed. We had a short deadline and Chris worked efficiently with our team to make sure that the videos were delivered on time. He was able to take complex subjects and create visually pleasing videos which enabled the viewer to understand the video subjects. I would not hesitate to recommend working with Chris and hope we can work together in the future!”

Jess Saurmarez

Head of Marketing, Stephenson Law


The company had character designs and a visual language in place before I was contacted. The scripts were also written ahead of time due to the technically precise nature of the subject matter.

Wherever characters appeared in the script, a scene was drawn by the illustrator and sent to me as an Adobe Illustrator file, from where I would break up the file into layers and prepare it for animation in After Effects.

Along side animating these character scenes, the majority of the script involved designing motion graphics from scratch to emphasise the main points in the dialogue.

The main challenge of this project was the time frame; 28 videos of varying length (between 1 and 13 minutes), that included on average around 80% motion graphics/animations, to be delivered within one month.

To tackle this, I derived an estimate for the time needed to complete each video based on a pilot run and careful examination of the material, and then wrote a strict schedule dictating deadlines for main production, client feedback, amends, contingency, and (because this ran the whole of December)… Christmas break. Staying in regular communication with the client was also very important (as it always is) both to keep them updated and to put in requests for additional assets from their Illustrator as early as possible.

The other way that I tackled the tight turnaround was to create templates on the go for any animation elements that could be reused with updated text and minor tweaks as I created each video, so that I could drag & drop basic assets and build on them rather than starting from the ground up each time. It is because of this that each video was completed quicker than the last and all deadlines were hit.

The videos also included footage of their CEO speaking to camera. I was tasked with colour correcting this footage and mixing the audio throughout the whole series.

Summary of approach

• Familiarisation with the material and pilot testing

• Time estimates extrapolated and detailed schedule laid

• Maintaining consistent communication with client to keep everyone informed on progress

• Animations meticulously organised and certain elements gathered and repurposed as templates wherever possible